English Post – Leaving Finland?

I have been thinking a lot about if I want to stay in Finland or not and the more I am here and looking around the more I want to leave. I love my family but I just ain´t happy here. Why you might wonder well I´m going to tell you. And no, its not the weather even though I don´t like snow =P

Lately Ive noticed that Finland has become a very christian hating country. When I was little I was very shy and knew that if I would say I was a christian I would get weird looks but now I days I feel like if I was a kid I wouldn´t get just weird looks, I would be hated so much and probably beaten. Finland just doesn´t feel like my home anymore I don´t feel safe and I don´t feel happy.

Second thing that has come to my mind is that when I was a kid it was ”Respect your parents and respect those who are older than you.” Now a days that´s not the case at all… Today it goes ”Respect the kids” yes, seriously that´s how it is. A young one can call you names, harass you and even beat you but you´re not allowed to do anything but if a kid gets punished for bad behavior its ”Oh my goodness call the police the kid is getting harassed” Like what? Aren´t you supposed to discipline your children anymore?

I have had ”friends” leave me for being too ”disrespectful” to the younger ones by telling them that christians have the same rights as non christians and asking where their morals come from and saying that christians get murdered world wide without people caring that much.
While the kids got to call me all the freaking names they wanted.
And I am the disrespectful here??
Something is definitely wrong…

I do though love the nature of Finland, its very beautiful and its quite peaceful here as well but there is so much wrong that beauty is not worth it.

I want to live in a community where people actually care for one another, where you would never feel left out or alone and where people don´t feel the need to call you crap because of your religion, color or standpoints.

Is it not weird how I would feel more at home in a country full of guns and huge multiculture than in a country with none and not that big multiculture?

My home is where I can be myself, where I can be loved and cared for and where I can care for others while doing what I love and that unfortunately is not Finland at the moment.

Just a little rant, I´m so hungry now so going to stop this and eat. 😀

/ Sofelia